Thursday, November 19, 2009

Channel 6 Monarchs in Space

This site will take you to the broadcast of an interview from our class about the Monarch caterpillars that have gone to the International Space Station. Students at Gale will be making observations of their caterpillars and compare them to those on the ISS.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Forks

The Forks is an interesting place. Because the climate is so cold in the winter, they actually flood the plaza with water so everyone can ice skate!

Did you know the prairie is also found here in Western Canada? They have created many prairie gardens, just like the one we want to plant at Gale! Of course we will add many plants that are butterfly friendly...and some milkweed!


Hello from Winnipeg! I have migrated north, where the Monarchs are reproducing at the northern most point on their migration route! There is not nearly the amount of common milkweed in Winnipeg as in Illinois. We are so lucky to have all the milkweed that grows along the roadsides and near our farmers' fields!

This picture is near the downtown area called The Forks. It is called The Forks because two major rivers meet....and make a fork? The Red River and the Assiniboine River have flooded the city many times. They now have flood walls that hold back the water.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Begin and end with butterflies!

We began our year studying butterflies, it only seemed right to end our year by displaying all the butterflies that arrived in Illinois because of the symbolic migration supported by our friends at Journey North!

Symbolic Migration

Our paper monarchs migrated to Mexico this past winter. Now, the monarchs return to Illinois. Just like the real monarchs, the ones who have migrated do not return to us. Over 50 symbolic butterflies arrived in Illinois in May. Some came from as far away as Germany! We had one that came from our neighbor to the north, Canada. We also received a letter from a school teacher and a student who helped care for our butterflies. They were a little tough to understand because they were in Spanish! Luckily we had a college student helping in our room who was able to translate for us.

Pizza anyone?

We have a poster contest winner in our class! Her winnings? A pizza party for everyone! But before we can eat the pizza, we have a lesson from Miss Aggie. Remember, you can't have a day without agriculture!